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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CW  September 9, 2012 8:30am-9:30am PDT

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the blast that killed eight people and possible changes for pipeline safety at a dramatic rescue for to kidnap children. the suspect is on father and let me change charges for the man who they say is behind the abduction the republican nominee for vice president cashes in on the bay area. type of leadership he is promising with the wind in my house. think for joining us this morning we've got a lot of talk coming up next hour and would begin with the news will have another look at convention. can move on to other things.
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will talk about that with president clinton's big effect on that. also we're talking about the pipeline safety in san bruno. will hear from the assemblyman of later on and the broadcast is the two- year anniversary survivor says of the pipeline explosion markets anniversary today lawmakers in community members dropped mound stronger pipeline safety reform. it destroyed 38 homes and more and 50 people also were hurt. piccinni will pay more than $1 billion in civil settlements and possible fines in connection with the explosion. the city will have to remember and sermon tonight at the san bruno sea park to mark the anniversary. on the campaign trail the republican nominee paul ryan disrespecting today for his debate against current vice- president joe biden. he left the
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bay area this weekend with a hefty amount of new campaign cash and the former 49 had a breakfast at home in danville yesterday. republican congressman was spotted on the patio yesterday. are not inside the vent. they're out there kicking for those with guest i think he's great carried his very firmly. he is liked the common person. the and addresses the pace and really appeals to the right democrats as well as the independence of their they added to the google headquarters to have a campaign chat. and why he believes the federal wet fill programs need to be reformed. doing it now also to prevent a debt crisis that street in your character of the steam plant which is what president obama is promising with the same results will still
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have a narrow window of opportunity to prevent that from happening and. they're set to the pit at central college on october 11th. far from cullmans political moneymaking machine and this week in mitt romney and president obama both began prowling dollars in crucial states on east coast. we showed how to turn its kicked off this big post convention blitz. aha mitt romney handout hotbox to the voters in virginia estate worries deadlock with the present. and earlier how he used the backdrop of military aviation museum in virginia beach to travel and defense cuts account numbers of jobs lost in virginia from these cuts as between 100 and 200,000 i will not cut our military i will maintain a military commitment he took aim at friday's jobs
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report sent the president does not have a tax attorney economy around he does not plan his have any ideas on economic sure does not have been more days in my house after jan. president obama agreed voters on this to be pressed for the key battleground state of florida. speaking to a crowd and they challenge republican claimed that the country is headed downhill on our police say the this nation is in decline in the air dead wrong. this is america. to present its position suffer as champion of the middle class some of america's basic burden is that state to park in the sense that if you work hard and it will pay off. the burden that says that responsibility will be rewarded and everyone has a fair shot advertising campaigns will intensify toward election day. it's where the closest presidential contest in history.
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president obama plans to make one more fund-raising swing through a bay area and leased to says it will be on october 8th in a break up a similar to the currency had earlier been sifted scope back in february. and so far his race mormon $30 million in california. the biggest single source of contribution is coming right out of the golden state. here's an interesting side. for $90,000 of that is being from employees and others with the university of california system the investigation into his this morning after or woman and a girl would hit at the truck that went into them on a sidewalk in on a creek. the truck careened into a group of people walking on north main street in the marriott hotel. the woman was thrown into the street and died at the scene. the girl ended in a parking lot and had severe head injuries. the driver has been arrested.
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and what may be a new crime trend on the peninsula as a locked car course are not stopping burst in palo alto. 17 cars were broken into this week between wednesday and thursday. the suspects stole computers and other personal items from cars parked downtown and in the stanford shopping center carried they say that they're making it into courtrooms as well. if they want in it will find a way weather smashing the windows and as consumers we need smarter and protect social the better. the police believe that the breweries are connected and not targeting a specific type of vehicles and have a lot of distractions as far as the perpetrators and not release it to us. tomorrow several law enforcement agencies will be meeting with prosecutors to decide whether to charge for
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changes charges against a man accused of abetting some children he took his children from his girlfriend's house on tuesday and april on stalling not an element in heading out the golden gate and on the coast. the coast guard track him and went action on friday when the boat headed away from monterey because of the rocky terrain a coastline personal place for the boat to get fuel or to enter. so was to be nighttime was small to import the want to ensure the safety of them at are the children are ages 2 and 3 and allocate to '40's. but they look now honors. the father is currently charged with kidnapping and child endangerment and parental affection. educating next generation of american workers and our students but compared to students overseas and back-to-school to be a headache for some kids and across from factors that could
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trigger a painful migraines in teenagers a game delayed after a wicked weather system involves the best tennis players in the world is an unusually cool and a bay area the past 24 hours. so after cool sunday, the changes are ahead. will have more of the details and a few minutes.
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back-to-school could mean back to my dreams for some students and the doctor explains that factors triggering migraines and children and teenagers. and back-to-school means reuniting with classmates and planning team sports and sometimes getting headaches. cannot move your head and head its heavy the one to lay down and you feel like eating binges want to rest he started getting migraines
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several times a week in which six years old the connection see the veins in his head throbbing and that is how bad it was the x forced him to miss school and sometimes it cannot play on the soccer team and 20 percent of teenagers had migraines and fluorescent lights use in schools trigger them so the pressure of the defense lawyer not on the academic stress but also psychological stress of the one into a new school often ending with new teachers and interacting with peers and having to manage all of that at the same time getting up earlier is a major factor picketing at the six are seven in morning in a tremendous shift in since it was often a picture from migraines he offers tips for spacious and adjusting the schedule from summertime to school time and relaxation techniques to mention stress and keeping hattic tyree to see what foods may trigger migraines and he is eating and
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sleeping better along with the medication and vitamin scheduled this down to about one migraine a month the women's u.s. open final has been delayed until today because of severe weather. in a straight storms spawned a least two tornadoes in late new york city area. when twister hit the beachfront community about 50 mi. southeast of manhattan. the second strong recorded vote followed a few minutes later about 10 mi. away. the rich and say they were rattled off we saw this huge twister and tornado coming at us. we are the manager said run into are catering room which is concrete so we ran in their a lot people were emotional and crying the u.s. open and heavy rains and strong winds forced the delay there as well. in the afternoon the officials evacuated the stadium and suspended matches until today.
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and locally will take a look at the weather is not nearly as exciting around here. a little bit of morning fog that are not a lot of fog. look at this live picture of the golden gate bridge. this lovely out there. will be in the '70s and '80s later on today. and farther inland you can see in the '50s all-around a bay area little bit cooler. it's 46 degrees. here's our pinpoint forecast good morning everyone. we begin with a delay of the u.s. open at this is about a day old and to see the line of showers and thundershowers develop over new england and treated some nasty weather out there with tourism and storms this moved offshore and with the potential for a showers we hope to get done today. and as we head out the door the spots on the shore line and the clout to move back in a around the bay we have some
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sunshine into some clouds temperatures are mostly in the fifties to low 60s. low pressure is in command of the pacific and as result the numbers have been unusually cool. about 10 degrees cooler and average for this time of year in san francisco yesterday a record high was 101 degrees. the setback in 19 04. things are have the conditions that warm weather. we continue this mostly mild on the bay area today carried begin at last night with a cloud of back in on the shore line and a little bit. but the san skies and more low clouds come back and listen night and now keep things mild middle of a drizzle along the shore line as well. we look one in central valley. we have 87 in sacramento. after going all the way to lake tahoe it'll be 79 degrees. is not that. a typical
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summer day of peace for the valley. and you head of the bay area bid time you have some low clouds and a high of 69. we have lots of sunshine out there. the temperatures committees the southland in los angeles. the bay area will be unusually cool for this time of year. is not happen today. but ec eminent will slowly began to increase in numbers and he 21. we go up no. 8 with 76 in santa rosa and 57 and the debate. the 68 for oakland as we look ahead and friday for cast members began to come out and by next thursday and friday will be in the '90s and around the bay the numbers will be in the mid-70s and along the coast pretty much the mid-
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60s. that is not bad. have a great some day everyone. the big question now is how the u.s. since stepped up against a car parts in india and china. the found alarming results to the director of children and families program the center of the next generation she also offered the new report. and what were the findings the findings of china and india are ramping up compared team as it treats our turn for example house about 20 or 30 or 2 million college graduates to announce more than the entire united states work force. in india as well will be four times as many high-school graduates as we do in nine states. part of this is to have larger populations the media. but i think one of things we recognize this just as they are ramping up we're stagnating or education. thus, pulse we have your this the big point on the
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campaign trail on both parties. these different plans you're seeing in propose the dividend in this deficiency? there's a problem at the federal level upon the state level and sourcing both cuts that the federal level announced cuts of the state level. when things recommending in this report is that we have to come together in a way the first president bush brought together a national education some and bring all the governors together with the president and figure out how to make this come together in a bipartisan way. we've not seen that a long time. what about the philosophical differences between america's education and china's in india's and for example the testing in china and india you pass a test you go on in school. he did not pass a test you did not go on. we would not increase that to rid our be advocating that as well? we're not advocating at work or can't the chinese system. within their
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things to concern the chinese system in china lines of that from our system as well. look what happened from within the last international assessment or so how children are doing in shanghai compared the nine states. but we did find was that in reading and math the students in shanghai or first. we're 14 in reading and 25th and math detested in shanghai which is the most advanced area of in china. so there are millions of children out there who are not being counted but also they have rigid and teach the test. and not into the hall was the idea of education which america embraces. is much the same. my question is the funding needed for any competitive i think we have a plan and both are important. we need more funding and lead keeping up as well. we also need to be looking at what works such a look at reading for example we just
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tested since the wealthiest schools with person reading. a math were middle of the ground. so when the things we have to do better job is figuring out how to teach math and this country better. are we making sure that we have in our classroom able to teach math. thus when the deficits we have here. is not a full answer but the answer has to be some kind of nation to know how our students are doing in that we have the inputs and the good teachers starting off early and all the things that we know that work. we're not doing enough we have some and numbers and some hard numbers of the comparison and had their extreme. one of things as interesting that is america have the next generation to complete globally and rethink the next bill gates is to come from? most people thought would be not
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coming from united states. of the people said that in china or india to what they see that the education that they're getting in china and india is to create the next bill gates. and in addition to look at the issue of where the thing the next sentence that will cure cancer. no one is beginning estates for these and were you calling on this? with the this with bob part of her and some posters in washington d.c. and uphold american voters and i think the ec hear some american voters are savvy and mature hearing is that we have no that is we are not dear education system is not expected to be. they worry about it. the worry that the next bill gates is not coming from nine states. and some of great things about the nine states are our education system thus promote creativity and see can see that innovators meat company nine states but what i think is
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interesting about this report is that we're not making sure that both the innovators and their workers are coming from united states. that's when the real issues that we have here the idea is to get us a lot of jobs. a went into for coming here. we'll be right back. \
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use a 23 year-old veteran working in the u.s. open this weekend as a ball boy carried in los lower portion of its lead in afghanistan after stepping on a land mine in 2010. the addition for to be a ball chaser this past may. he thought to be inspiring. and warner lost a leg doesn't mean it changes william. and do some difficult and at the look in the eyes keystone army and helps disabled veterans. he plans to complete in the 2016 para olympics in brazil. and the giants said the division lead trimmed as they face the dodgers. the athletics had a victory in seattle. in college football has scored wins for both cal and stanford. and toast the rest.
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a great morning for oakland's player stop the light heavyweight champion the 10th round 12 at the oracle. and college football stanford took care business over duke last night. and speaking of the pac 12, which check-in on the cal bears. here we go. and host southern utah in mike. and last plane and the ball skipped in the end zone and a fine receiver and cal led by 10. and later on, utah on a punt. and this is not the way to have containment on punt coverage. he picks up the ball and goes 69 yds for a touchdown. the bears went and bake 50-31. the giants
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are 2-1 in the eighth. it is about pitch in here comes a time run at two apiece. in the top nine and find it uncorks it is a double to cap. and when run scores in the dodgers went 3-2. and the athletics and mariners last night. and he hits a home run. in the days when up 4-1. the final six-one. the go for the sweep later on today. that is sports. and buddy have a great day. i will see you later. the city of san bruno will mark the two-year anniversary of the pipeline last look tree boxes are it snapped up for the stadium is finished. we're talking but the home of the sentences of 49 as. day today will tell you how much they made on the best seats in
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the house. the republican nomination for vice president will build up his campaign war chest and how much would be paid at spend a chance to have some time with him here in the bay area.
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finally allowed to go home residents evacuated from a bit too big wild fire burning in two northern california counties the team's showing big
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bucks for tickets the pioneer for a new alternative energy source up next. welcome back to the weekend early edition the time is 9:00 september 9th good morning. a lot to talk about here in the next half-hour including the big high lead the democratic national convention of the comeback of bill clinton. willie brown knows how to make a return to in a big way but first the residents continue to rebuild after a massive pipeline exploded in san bruno two years ago. it's hard to believe it's been two years september 9th of 2010 and residents continue to rebuild after that massive pipeline explosion. there will be remember it ceremony to 90 5:00 p.m. at the city park in san bruno. the blast killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes and eight
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of the homes of an entirely rebuilt and others are in various states for stages of construction. there is a larger set of civil cases set to go to trial in january. it massive wildfires in far northern california has grown to 28 square miles. the 16 ft. complex fire is actually two separate fires burning a few miles from each other. they say it's now 71 percent contained with no buildings damaged and some people were allowed to return home yesterday. a meeting tomorrow between the prosecutors in several other agencies trying to decide what charges will pursue against a man accused of abducting his own children. authorities said christopher took his kids from his girlfriend's house on tuesday and then put him on a stolen not and headed toward south moderate.
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the father is now under arrest. a berkeley student may soon get a seat on the city council. voters will consider a measure are the november ballot calling for district lines to be redrawn to the neighborhoods of uc- berkeley students would be included that could allow them to represent his or her district for the first time since 1984. the 49 hours of sold six and $70 million with the seats and luxury boxes for new stadium under construction. 70 percent of current ticket holders went ahead to keeping the spot the niners say most of the seats available are in the upper reaches of the stadium is set to open in two years. on the campaign trail the republican nominee paul ryan start prepping today for his to that debate is the vice presidential vice-president joe biden. he left with a hefty amount of cash in the former 49er brent jones posted a practice for the vp republican nominee and even
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to this home in danville. the spot on the patio guess today where he was taking boaters with guests who had donated at least $10,000 to his campaign. president obama and mitt romney made today bus tours to florida and virginia. mitt romney had the president pardoned his campaigns and on the jobs report to just recently released. he doesn't have a plan or any ideas but we have to make sure he doesn't have any more days in the white house after january. when our product say this nation is in decline, they're dead wrong. this is america. greta the present positioning himself as a champion of the middle-class polls show less than 10 percent of voters are still undecided. it's that tough year for the susan g. colman organization but the walk to raise money for breast cancer research this
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weekend is drawing a lot of people the locks and friday and the goal is to walk 60 mi. around the bay area and three days. but dissipation is down 20% from last year briefly and funding for planned parenthood. it did not step stop 1200 people from walking the streets this weekend. the room research from the susan g. kauffman foundation saved by friend's life here to look past the politics and concentrate on the bigger picture. the walk and this morning this very building in san francisco. and eddie way to go green and enmity. it will not formalist open new doors for energy efficiency in northern california. this farmers buy products can still produces those as well. there's no other machine like this the state of california. on the cutting edge of
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energy efficiency with of this a first of its kind machine that may soon revolutionize farming in california. this will the farmer takes to stockpile of leftover shells and turns them into the electricity that helps power his farm. were able to produce energy on site and use the energy on site. hitting the shells a to to dust degrees conferred in the mid to combustible gas that to regenerator is a bit of a pioneer first in the state to try out to. the goal is for us to be sort of the example for other forms. his goal is to be completely self-sufficient with the second machine on the way to turn these into power. you're looking at nearly 3 million lbs. of shells and both machines up and running the supply 80 percent of all electricity used on his farm. critic agriculture produces a tremendous array of quantity and
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byproducts the comice just like the wall of shelves of our operation. said the new laws cut the red tape given away for farmers to tap into its largely untapped energy resource leftovers from their harvest. they're all capable of running through here. if it becomes popular it can dramatically ease demands and the st. states stressed power grid. weaken action to offset 20 to 30 percent of the energy that california uses. what's next for sandra's not as it marks the two-year anniversary of the pipeline explosion with their conversation jury held next. stuck to come up a calling the big comeback a former president that dazzled the democratic convention what may be his new role in the november election. stop counting calories something to attempt to speak to the with this weekend a candy giant celebrating 160 years in the bay area.
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it's been cooler in the bay area cool than average this time of year and after a little bit of a cooling trend and mild day to day and then warming up tomorrow with the details coming up.
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a good excuse to cheat under died this weekend. you're going to be able to sample something sweet to feed to cheat at the thick of the full suite festival in san francisco today the 17th annual chocolate festival put on by the gearing delhi chocolate company. this weekend class session with the chocolate professor and also a tasting at pears chocolates with wind. this is the drinking chocolate its excellent very rich. everything is delicious it's a great day. they are celebrating their 160th anniversary. taking a look at the bay area weather and expecting a loss of sunshine because it's out there and the sundstrand a breakthrough. a live look at ocean beach not a lot of fog around the area is the son a start to our
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sunday with temperatures up into the '70s and '80s later today inland and '60s around the coast. here's the rest of the forecast. were going to begin with what the delay of the u.s. open at yesterday's the line of showers and thunderstorms as developed in new england and greeted nasty weather up there with two innocent thunderstorms and heavy rain that's moved offshore and the potential for lingering showers will hope that they get that done today. local cover will move back and run the bay area strain out with some sunshine and the cloud cover and the temperatures begin today mostly in the mid fifties to low 60s. the pressure in command in the
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pacific and as a result and numbers of an unusually cool 10 degrees cooler than average for this time of year in san francisco yesterday's record high was 101 degrees set back in 1904 way off of that mark now because we just don't have the offshore conditions that would lead to many warm weather and will continue most the mother around the bay area today. they last initially the cloud cover packing and along the shoreline a little bit that the in sunshine for today a look cloud cover coming in later tonight keeping things mild and a little drizzle on the shoreline as well. it looks warm the central valley with 87 degrees in sacramento and 98 in fresno. it's not that a typical summer day for the great valley but if you're heading out of the bay area tomorrow expect local cover
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at the airport and a high of 69 and if detecting out of los angeles denver chicago or new york collapse of sunshine out there. temperatures in the mid '80s for lax. will be unusually cool in the bay area for this time of the year as the scene minutes are going to slowly began to increase the numbers still plenty warm the numbers look a decent any of and pits burg and in the north bay and the match 76 and 57 in the day today. by next thursday and friday back to the mid-90s inland in the bay area all weaken the mid-70s and in the coast the mid-60s. have a great sunday. two years later the san bruno area continues to rebuild after the pipeline blast.
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we talked to the assemblyman at pg&e with a long way to go. the one conclusion of come to is that it is just a matter of time if it didn't happen in san bruno would happen someplace else and now could still happen with 500 spots to run the system that could cause and have the same circumstances that existed in san bruno that could develop into a problem. it is a challenge to the main difficulty is the consumer protection safe give it division came up with the report and the file list to determine that piccinni culture has still not changed their still incentivizing profits over safety and still not doing the work that's necessary to change their culture from one of profits to safety and that's the real major problem from the report that they came up with. and they're in charge of
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regulating they're saying that slogans and genocide nothing has changed from that standpoint and that's the real problem. until the change the culture and the legislation they fought hard to kill of the safety provisions. not to let them off the hook but prior to san bruno the california public utilities commission and even some consumer watchdog groups are not paying attention to safety was all about rates and money. go to this means and it was always about rates and money and not about safety. so what are they doing to ensure 500 different spots they're working and trying to fix them had degree the moon out there fixing them they're working hard to solve the problems the to slow process. what took minutes to destroy it will take years to rebuild in san bruno but the infrastructure was so neglected for so many years and it's going to take years and probably decades
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before it could be resolved to a point where we feel safe and there's a comfort level and that's the troubling part because they diverted funds and the millions of dollars of the many years diverting $56,000,000.30 years from safety of operation and maintenance to profits and bonuses and that hasn't changed. the incentive to still the driving force for much of the bonus program for executives. you have several those in the works 1 addresses that issue to try to disincentive as profits the only way utility can increase their profit is to cut expenses. how did this incentivize the profit and change the culture a bill i did that but the struck out three but to fight hard enough to take out of that though the part that would change from focusing on profits to focusing on safety critics isn't that the rule of the public utilities commission that tour we have these people
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appointed and financing the operation to keep utilities and mines and what's going on and the bill that i had was designed to take them out of the hands a little bit in force them into that. the puc wants it but with the bill did out of the net authority but the capitol lawn initiative exercise that authority. we have three new members as we talked about before and i think were doing a marvelous job of trying to bring them in line and do the right thing. the report recently outlining the changes that the first time i've seen them so critical of the utility. i see in the future and much persistent liquidity to long time and vigilance on all of our parts. with that bills and personnel changes but in the meantime a lot of neighborhood to sit in that spending on ticking time bombs sweaty city the people concerned it's possible it certainly
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is we are hoping that doesn't happen and pg&e has reduced the pressure of the lines so it doesn't have the stress level and that should cause the problem in san bruno. we're looking forward to that area as it goes forward but thousands of miles of pipe that needs to be expected and this is just the steel transmission lines a plastic pipe out there because the explosion in cupertino and roseville last year that pipe needs to be inspected and replaced its going to be interesting and i said how they're going to proceed from now on piccinni just wasn't the one at fault everybody misstep when it came to safety greta and nobody was regulating them as they were supposed to be so there are major changes coming to them because of this. these changes are also and coming in neighborhoods are in danger as we speak. critic at about that is in
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pakistan both because if we take our eyes off of it it will go back. a big hit to the dnc this week was not the governing president of a former president bill clinton and the took center stage some people say he stole the show so what is he going to do for president obama next with the political insider coming up.
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and tampa the republican argument against the president's reelection was actually pretty simple and snapping it went something like this. we left him a total mess he had cleaned up fast enough so far haven't been as back in.
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one of the memorable zingers by former president look into the democratic national convention this week with the these 25 million people turning into what to rally the party faithful. more than the nfl kickoff came. clinton said decamping for president obama in miami now this tuesday. return to our political insider the farmers said that his commander in the first question is the appearance and truckers signal the return of the clinton hadn't seen a while and that 40 years ago said his time and passed to the question is what brought him back. need absolute need. he was obviously the right guy at the right time for a party if and finnish ship you had been listening. he carries with him sorta the energy and the spark of the democratic party still.
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the democratic base like the kennedys can motivate latinos in the country it's too bad kennedy was in around because you would of had the complete package he was the symbol for all the things with cesar chavez and bobby kennedy bill clinton is that every other aspect of the democratic party. what to the to the more what he believed to do the next couple of months? obama cannot win this election alone and not think joe biden could give him a lot of extra votes. bill clinton will be the chosen server get for every one of the hard-pressed democratic base in colorado and nevada and ohio and pennsylvania it will be bill clinton. we're looking at the clinton the look of obama and mitt romney is not much difference in in the script but
9:24 am
what is it about the clinton delivery that makes him the oldest of the political world. clinton has a natural gift communicating. he talked about difference in words there is a difference in words. clinton's words from all two syllables is understandable by the homeless guy as a matter of fact clinton appears to be speaking only to the homeless guy or only to the cab driver he appears to be talking only to one person. every person and the room believes the clinton is talking directly to now why don't more politicians understand that? what happens when you get on the stage? its the gaff i learned early on i have no idea rick came from, but i knew that i had to pick people up in the audience to whom i was speaking.
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does not speaking to the crowd was was speaking to one person in the audience. coming up on a look at this morning's top stories include the city of san bruno marking the pipeline explosion and san bruno.
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welcome back. in the top stories survivors of the a deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno and markets to your anniversary today. the blast killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes in the city is full in remembrance ceremony tonight had the city park in san bruno at 5:00 p.m. greta prosecutors and law enforcement officials will meet tomorrow and decide what charges to pursue against the father
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accused of infecting his own children allegedly taking them on a stolen yacht before being intercepted by the coast guard. the weather forecast today in the '50s moving into the lower 60s and some spot in the bay area and there's not a lot of fog outside 7 sunny of our most of the area. which you plan on doing this with you dive to 90 ft. off a cliff into the celtics see in front of hundreds of spectators? i would say no but these guys do they do competitively. the red bull cliff diving series held off the coast of wales the american steven won the event arrived late because his flight was delayed to because of this jet lag state decided to wing it on his staff and it worked. some brave guys. thanks for joining us. have a great day.
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this book is the most exciting, optimistic, hopeful manuscript that has ever been written. i challenge you. get up from the depths of despair and defeat. square your shoulders. lift your head. our blessed hope, jesus christ, the author and the finisher of our faith, will keep us safe. get excited about your future. if god is in your future, you have no limit in your future.


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